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Super touch is SAFCO's first venture in the fraternity of in-house branding and private label business. SAFCO's experience and reputation earned in its food distribution trade offering efficient service and quality brought along constant demand from the clients to supply various other products as well besides the mainline food supplies .

Disposables and packaging requirements saw an upturn in the Middle East with the construction and real estate development in the year 2000. For many years Safco depended on local procurement for these products from the UAE market to serve its end consumer segment. While the demand for the category was increasing so were the challenges being faced. Inconsistent supplies, price fluctuations, compromised quality were the major challenges we were always exposed to but had no direct command or control over. Risking the reputation earned with years of hardwork and committed customer service was alarming and needed to be addressed. This prompted Safco to create a full-fledged division for its disposables and packing business and in 2008 created an in house brand called Super touch.

With humble beginnings and cautious steps forward identification of reliable sources both locally and internationally to develop the brand portfolio and range became the key objective for first few years. With focus on Premium and hygienic quality yet remaining competitive in the market, and enabling clients to enjoy benefits of wide variety and top value is the vision for the group for its Super touch brand.

The brand Super Touch today, has over 500 Top quality products under its portfolio from all corners of the world. We offer varied product categories from Aluminum, foam, plastic, paper to hygiene and bio degradable. Within a short span of time not only we have created and sound product portfolio but have largely to our satisfaction managed to overcome the problems of inconsistent supplies and quality variations. With a dedicated team to focus on innovation, research and development we aspire to keep introducing new and exciting products for both Foodservice and horeca as well as retail segment. Domestically the distribution for Super touch for all emirates is being handled by Safco group itself. Internationally we work with agents, distributors and channel partners to help us reach out this brand and its products to all market segments globally. Today, Super touch brand has its presence in 45 countries and we aspire to expand our global network in years to come by building long term committed strategic alliances.

To sum up, today we feel blessed and honored to witness the growth and success of Super Touch brand. We are grateful to our clients for trusting us and giving us the opportunities to introduce new product lines to them. We are thankful to our vendors and channel partners worldwide. We are grateful to our team members who have tirelessly worked hard for Super touch brand. We look forward to your support and hope to keep serving you well in years to come.
Gagandeep Sahni
Managing Director