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Welcome to SUPER -TOUCH, an initiative by SAFCO group, a 20 year old family owned and managed business with a vision to supply wide variety of premium products in disposable and food packaging industry.

Since its inception in 2008, SUPER-TOUCH has been serving the Foodservice, Retail and Horeca segment with over 1000 food grade disposables products of exceptionally high standards of hygiene, quality and durability from all corners of the world. Covering all categories from Aluminium products, Baking products, Cling Films, Foam products, Paper products, Hygiene products and in flight specialties. Our product portfolio is well suited to offer great value for our clients.

A leader in the field, we enjoy a reputation for reliability earned over the years both within UAE and internationally. Geographically our focus remains on the Middle East, CIS, Africa, and Europe. We thrive to establish strong, long term relationships with our valued clients, offering top quality products at very competitive pricing. As trailblazers in the industry, our cutting edge way of working is also facilitated by ultra-modern facilities spanning 200000sq. ft. for receiving, storing, and distribution, in Dubai Investment Park.

Our research and development continues to make aggressive efforts to continuously introduce new products with innovative new designs and ensure high product standards. Quality , hygiene and service are the cornerstones on which we built our business that set us apart, hence justifying our tag line SUPER-TOUCH " Fine touch of quality "
SAFCO`s prestigious clientele includes five star hotels, catering companies, fast food chains, retail stores, hypermarkets, hospitals, bakeries, ships and airlines. Based on our belief at SAFCO, that clients deserve the best possible service, our dedication to excellence is reflected in high quality standards that we set, meet and exceed. We are top suppliers to these customers and offer wide variety of food and non-food solutions to meet their individual needs.

The people behind SAFCO are the core reason for its success today and their hard work and dedication will continue to drive our brand SUPER-TOUCH forward as well. We continue to place great importance on our values of integrity, accountability, honesty and respect while focusing on investing in consumer satisfaction and convenience.
H.S Sahni